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The BYTE flashlight, smaller and lighter than similar headlamps manufactured by the American company Princeton Tec, but equally functional. It is distinguished from the Byte model by two red light modes instead of one.

Byte was equipped with an efficient Maxbright LED, emitting a concentrated stream of white light with a power of 100 lumens and a range of up to 48 meters. In addition, it is also equipped with a red Ultrabright LED, emitting scattered red light with a range of up to 3 meters - extremely useful when operating in the dark, as the soft red light does not cause the photoreceptors of the human eye used to the dark to "switch back".

A large, rubberized button on the top allows you to easily switch on, off and change the lighting mode from the four built-in options: high and low, for both white and red. It is also equipped with a battery lock, activated by holding down the button, which prevents the light from being switched on accidentally. The torch is powered by two AAA batteries (included), and meets IPX4 waterproofing standards.

The angle of the head of the flashlight can be adjusted by mounting it on an asymmetrical, one-sided holder. A small jump between positions allows you to adjust the position of the head to your exact needs. In combination with the flexible, adjustable headband and the small size and weight of the flashlight (with batteries only 64 grams), this makes Byte extremely comfortable to use.

- Four lighting levels (maximum white, low white, maximum red and low red)
- Easy to use
- Easy battery replacement
- Asymmetric grip
- Adjustment of the head angle
- Lightweight design, compact size
- Adjustable elastic band
- Lock to prevent accidental start-up of the torch

- Light source: Maxbright LED (white), Ultrabright LED (red)
- Light output: 100 lumens (white)
- Maximum light output time: 80 h (white) / 100 h (red)
- Maximum range of light: 48 m (white)
- Power supply: 2x AAA (alkaline or lithium) - included
- Water resistance: IPX4
- Weight: 64 g with batteries
- Case colour: Tan
- Colour of the headband: Tan

Made in USA.

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